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PVI Ontrac Ramp
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The OnTrac wheelchair ramp is the perfect solution when you have 1-2 steps and need the extra safety of handrails. The elderly are particularly susceptible to losing their balance when on a ramp if they do not have handrails to hold. A person in a manual wheelchair can also benefit from the handrails by using them to pull themselves up the ramp. The most attractive benefit is that a wheelchair cannot go over the side with the handrails installed. The load rating for the Ontrac ramp is 850 pounds and the width is 36 inches.

If you need a commercial ramp with handrails please see either the Modular Ramp page for ramps with a rise of under 30 inches or the Commercial Ramps page for ramps with a rise greater than 30 inches or if the ramps are to be used in California or Massachusetts.


Ontrac Ramp With Handrails
Item # Size Price Weight
XPS336 3' x 36" 797.00 49 Lbs
XPS436 4' x 36" 829.00 59 Lbs
XPS536 5' x 36" 995.00 69 Lbs
XPS636 6' x 36" 1099.00 88 Lbs
XPS736 7' x 36" 1219.00 98 Lbs
XPS836 8' x 36" 1359.00 108 Lbs
XPS936 9' x 36" 1498.00 117 Lbs
XPS1036 10' x 36" 1699.00 127 Lbs

Shipping is included to the contiguous USA



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