The PVI solid wheelchair ramp is a one piece, non-folding ramp. These ramps are ADA compliant when used at a 1:12 ratio and a 36″ wide model is used. The wheelchair ramp features, 2″ curb edge, non skid surface and all aluminum construction. Perfect for steps up to 5″ in height (ADA) or a maximum of a 10″ in height for private residential use (5′ model.) Simply remove the ramp from the box and position it on your step. The solid ramp should be attached to your step with screws or bolts in order to keep the ramp from slipping off.

For ramps with handrails, please see the Modular Ramp page , Ontrac Ramp page or the Commercial Ramps page. Ramps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Solid Wheelchair Ramps

Item #SizePriceWeight
SL3303′ x 30″359.0013 Lbs
SL336 ADA compliant for a 3 inch rise.3′ x 36″409.0019 Lbs
SL4304′ x 30″419.0018 Lbs
SL436 ADA compliant for a 4 inch rise.4′ x 36″469.0024 Lbs
SL5305′ x 30″499.0023 Lbs
SL536 ADA compliant for a 5 inch rise.5′ x 36″559.0029 Lbs
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1:12 ADA slope for public access & walking elderly.


2:12 Maximum slope for residential use with assistant.


3:12 Maximum slope for loading unoccupied wheelchairs.