Multifold Suitcase Ramp – Made in the USA

The PVI Multifold ramp has a patented No-Pinch Hinge design and is easy to handle and set up. The ramp can separate into two pieces for weight reduction and easy carrying. The Multi-fold ramp comes with a handle so that you can carry it like a suitcase. All aluminum construction, light weight and durable, surfaced with anti-slip, high traction safety tape. Designed for wheelchairs or scooters with three or four wheels. Weight capacity is 600 pounds for the 5, 6, 7 & 8 foot lengths. The Multifold ramp should be attached to your step with screws or bolts in order to keep the ramp from slipping off.

The Multifold ramp also comes in a Bariatric Model, 36 inches wide with an 800 pound capacity in 5, 6, 7 & 8 foot lengths. If you need a ramp with handrails please see the Modular Ramp page or the Ontrac Ramp page. Ramps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Item #SizePriceWeight
WCR5305′ x 30″424.0030 Lbs
WCR6306′ x 30″469.0036 Lbs
WCR7307′ x 30″499.0040 Lbs
WCR8308′ x 30″639.0053 Lbs
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Bariatric Multi-Fold Ramps (36″ wide, 800 pound capacity)

Item #SizePriceWeight
BAR5365′ x 36″739.0050 Lbs
BAR6366′ x 36″798.0058 Lbs
BAR7367′ x 36″898.0067 Lbs
BAR8368′ x 36″1019.0076 Lbs
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Shipping is included to the contiguous USA

Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp-4.8-Degrees

1:12 ADA slope for public access & walking elderly.

Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp-9.5-Degrees

2:12 Maximum slope for residential use with assistant.

Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp-14.5-Degrees

3:12 Maximum slope for loading unoccupied wheelchairs.