PVI (Prairie View Industries) Single Fold wheelchair ramps are made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and are rated for up to 600 pounds of weight. They are perfect for scooters and wheelchairs when traveling or at home. The single-fold ramps are 30 inches wide and intended for residential use. Available lengths are from 2′ all the way to 8′. Custom ramp widths are available. The Singlefold ramp should be attached to your step with screws or bolts in order to keep the ramp from slipping off. If you need a longer ramp or one with handrails please see the Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps or the Modular Ramps with Handrails. Ramps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping.

Single-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Item #SizePriceWeight
SFW2302′ x 30″239.0010 Lbs
SFW3303′ x 30″276.0014 Lbs
SFW4304′ x 30″307.0018 Lbs
SFW5305′ x 30″376.0022 Lbs
SFW6306′ x 30″509.0030 Lbs
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1:12 ADA slope for public access & walking elderly.


2:12 Maximum slope for residential use with assistant.


3:12 Maximum slope for loading unoccupied wheelchairs.