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Single-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Single fold wheelchair ramp

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SFW330 3' x 30" $169.00
SFW430 4' x 30" $214.00
SFW530 5' x 30" $259.00
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SFW730 7' x 30" $369.00
SFW830 8' x 30" $469.00

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The single fold wheelchair ramp by PVI combines lightweight materials with amazing strength to give you the perfect product for either a short or long-term need. PVI manufactures the only access ramps given UL certification. With a range in length from 2 ft. – 8 ft., the Single fold Ramp by PVI is sure to fit your need. This product is covered edge-to-edge with superior traction tape that allows for a slip-resistant surface in any weather condition.


 Made in the USA Limited Lifetime Warranty 



Item Number

Folded Size


UL Rating

SFW230 24" x 16" x 5" 10 lbs 600 lbs *
SFW330 36" x 16" x 5" 15 lbs 600 lbs *
SFW430 48" x 16" x 5" 20 lbs 600 lbs *
SFW530 60" x 16" x 5" 24 lbs 600 lbs *
SFW630 72" x 16" x 5" 28 lbs 600 lbs *
SFW730 84" x 16" x 5" 34 lbs 600 lbs *
SFW830 96" x 16" x 5" 46 lbs 600 lbs *

 *ULŽ Listing Certifies a Weight Capacity of Four (4) Times the Stated ULŽ Rating.


The Single fold ramp series is our basic ramp and comes in 2' to 8' lengths. It can be used to gain access on homes with 1 or 2 steps. The best possible formula is to use 1 foot of ramp for every 1" of rise. You can use as little as 1 foot of ramp for every 2 inches of rise if space is limited, this will of course increase the slope of the ramp and may make it more difficult for some people to traverse. Also the singlefold wheelchair ramp only folds in half, length wise, which can make our longer singlefold ramps difficult to transport in a normal car. If you need a wheelchair ramp to transport in your car, you might want to look at the Multi-fold ramp which folds in quarters, thereby reducing the overall length when folded for traveling. The single-fold wheelchair ramp has no handrails so it would not be the first choice if it is to be used by an elderly person while walking since they do not have handrails. It would be best to use a product like the OnTrac Ramp or the Modular ramp, which come with handrails,  in this type of situation for safety reasons.

As always, you can call us if you need help in determining what length or what type of wheelchair ramp you need. Call toll free at 1-877-258-7423 and we'll get you the right ramp for your needs.


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