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Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramp

The PVI Modular XP Ramp Systems, with handrails, represents the gold standard in ramp quality, durability, and usability within the industry. Ramps can be ordered in an endless number of layout configurations. The modular XP ramp system has a 36” wide usable width (48” also available as a custom order), double bar handrails, a non-slip grooved deck, adjustable legs, and 4” curb rails.


WIDTH – 36ʺ standard – custom widths are available
LENGTH – As Needed
LOAD CAPACITY – Per code – 100 lbs. per square foot
SLOPE – Adjustable – as required (1:12 recommended)
FLOOR SURFACE – Slip Resistant grooved aluminum
HANDRAILS – Double 1.5ʺ bar – standard height 36ʺ – 38ʺ

Meets all code requirements for load specifications.
Ramps can be designed in an endless number of layout configurations.

Download the Modular XP Ramp Brochure – PDF FILE

Download the Modular XP Installation Instructions – PDF FILE

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Wire-free handicap commercial door opener

The ADAEZ is a wire-free handicap commercial door opener that allows for easy access into your facility by people with disabilities. The ADAEZ uses a Regenerative Drive System*, which charges a battery pack, eliminating the need for electrical power under certain conditions*. (The kit also comes with a plug-in transformer for continuous power.) The battery acts as a built-in power supply during a power outage. The unit is small but very robust and simple to install and use. The ADAEZ has been designed for doors up to 48” wide and 250 lbs. Included are two jamb-style wireless push buttons with transmitters, a plug-in hard wire option, and push or pull mounting hardware, making the ADAEZ door operator a complete ADA dooropening solution. Larger square activation switches are available, as well as Californiacompliant models.

*The regenerative drive system produces a small trickle charge, which charges the battery every time the door is opened manually. For the system to remain fully charged indefinitely without using the included power supply, the door must be opened manually approximately 80 times to offset 20 automatic uses and keep the charge at 100 percent. A fully charged battery has about 2000 open/close cycles even if the door is never opened manually, so there is no daily limit for the number of openings. So if your door is activated with the wireless buttons more than 20 times per day and you have less than 80 manual openings, the ADAEZ will continue to open the door. However, the battery will eventually need to be recharged under this scenario.


Choose ADAEZ Accessories Here

Bateries, Push Butons, Power Supply, Etc.

Additional Information for the ADAEZ Commercial Door Opener

  • Regenerative Drive or Continuous Duty Operation
  • Automatic Handing Selector – Non-Handed
  • Push-and-Go (only with the supplied power supply connected)
  • Power Close (only with the supplied power supply connected)
  • Push Hardware and Pull Hardware Supplied with Package
  • RF Radio Frequency Stainless Steel Pushbuttons
  • Integral RF Receiver
  • Dynamic Braking Module
  • Electronic Back Check Brake
  • Shock Absorbing Door Arm
  • Black and Aluminum Dress Covers – Standard
  • Brushless DC Motor/Gearbox – Tested to 10 Million Activation Cycles
  • 24 VDC Input Port
  • Auxiliary Activation Input Port
  • Power On Indicator
  • Integral ON / OFF Selector Switch
  • Mounting Hardware For Virtually any Door and Frame
  • ANSI Automatic Door Signs
  • Easy to Use Mounting Template
  • Installation Instructions
  • Telephone Technical Support


A problem solving culture, award winning project management, and an unrelenting focus on quality results.

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