Residential Door Opener Package

Pneumatic Residential Door Opener
Residential Door Opener
The Gentleman Door residential door opener is a low profile, pneumatically operated unit intended for home use. The door opener can be installed by most handymen or mechanically inclined individuals. The opener comes with a hand held remote but can also be activated through wall mounted buttons, infrared devices or many other activating devices.
The residential door opener also comes with a pneumatic strike release (see image below) which allows the door to latch and lock but still open when activated. The installation of our residential door opener will not alter how the door functions when idle. That is to say, for everyone who uses the door manually, the door swings freely and there is no resistance. It is ideal for the front door of a house or any swing door where it is important that the door swings freely under normal use, yet automated for the individual in the wheelchair or scooter.
The double acting automatic door opener is a cost effective handicap access solution. Its simple and elegant design makes it the most rugged and reliable door operator on the market.


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