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Additional Information for the ADAEZ Commercial Door Opener

Regenerative Drive or Continuous Duty Operation * Automatic Handing Selector - Non Handed * Push-and-Go (only with the supplied power supply connected) * Power Close (only with the supplied power supply connected) * Push Hardware and Pull Hardware Supplied with Package * RF Radio Frequency Stainless Steel Pushbuttons * Integral RF Receiver * Dynamic Braking Module * Electronic Back Check Brake * Shock Absorbing Door Arm * Black and Aluminum Dress Covers - Standard * Brush-less DC Motor/Gearbox - Tested to 10 Million Activation Cycles * 24 VDC Input Port * Auxiliary Activation Input Port * Power On Indicator * Integral ON / OFF Selector Switch * Mounting Hardware For Virtually any Door and Frame * ANSI Automatic Door Signs * Easy to Use Mounting Template * Installation Instructions * Telephone Technical Support
The ADAEZ can be used in conjunction with and integrated with many different types of access control devices such as card readers, keypads and strike releases. The ADAEZ can also be ordered with 4 inch square buttons as an option.
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ADAEZ Accessories

Accessories can be added to your cart from drop down menus by following the link below.


Strike Release
Spare Battery
Extra Push Buttons
Battery Charger
Hardwired Power Kit
Wireless Interface Module
Hand Held Remote
Push Mounting Hardware
Pull Mounting Hardware


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