Microwave & Infrared Door Sensors



Microwave Motion Sensor

$295.00 – Free Shipping in the lower 48.

The MicroStar not only activates an automatic door but it also features Human Presence Radar (HPR) which keeps the door from closing if a person is standing in the doors path of traval. The Microstar M replaces the D-38 sensor.

MicroStar Data Sheet

MicroStar Instructions

SSR-3 Door Sensor


Dual Infrared and Microwave Sensor

$389.00 – Free Shipping in the lower 48.

Dual Technology Activation and Monitored Safety Sensor with Unique “Door Learn” Technology. Microwave Motion Detection K-Band 24.15Ghz + Active Infrared Detection.

SSR-3 Catalogue

SSR-3 Instructions



IR / Motion / Presence Sensor

$384.00 – Free Shipping in the lower 48.

The DH100-CT is an active Infrared motion and presence sensor providing activation and safety for automatic sliding doors. The detection pattern is achieved by 5 rows of 40 individual detection zones providing a dense rectangular pattern.

DH100 Data Sheet

DH100 Instructions



High Mount IR Sensor

$419.00 – Free Shipping in the lower 48.

The DH400 is an over-the-door sensor that activates a sliding or folding door and provides safety for pedestrians walking through the door. The DH400 is an Active Infrared sensor using Floor Reflection Method. Provides the highest density pattern available.

DH400 Data Sheet

DH400 Instructions



Door Mount Presence Sensor

$549.00 – Free Shipping in the lower 48.

The SSS-5 is a door-mounted sensor using Active Infrared and Position Sensitive Detection (PSD) technology. Designed to provide safety protection for any swing, bi-fold, revolving or low-energy automatic door. Mounts at the top of the door to eliminate damage.

SSS5 Data Sheet

SSS5 Instructions



Industrial/Pedestrian Microwave

$374.00 – Free Shipping in the lower 48.

The HR-Robus is a high-mount microwave motion sensor for activating industrial or pedestrian automatic doors. The HR-Robus detects vehicle motion, pedestrian motion, or both on either approach or depart. The unit can be mounted as high as 23 feet. Optional remote control.

HR-Robus Data

HR-Robus Instructions



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