Switches and Sensors

Automatic Door Controls

Door Activation Switches

Square, round, narrow & infrared handicap push buttons.
 Activation Switches
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Wireless Transmitters, Receivers

Turn your hard wired switches into wireless transmitters
Clear Path transmitters and receivers, cptx, cprx
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Timers, Time Delay & Lockout Modules

Door hold open timers, time delay
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Infrared & Microwave Sensors, Safety Beams

Commercial & Industrial door sensors
Infrared and Microwave door sensors
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Complete wireless Door Activation Packages

Wireless packages to activate a single door or vestibule doors
Wireless door activation kits
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Activation Switches & Sensor Accessories

Switch Mounting Boxes, Micro Switches, Weather Kits, Brackets
are Located at the bottom of the Activation Switch page.
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Each link above contains detailed information on our handicap door activation switches, (push buttons,) wireless door activation, duration timers and other door safety and control devices. Most handicap switch and door sensor products will also have data sheets (specs.) and installation sheets available for download. This information will be in PDF format. Switches and sensors made by MSSEDCO, Inc.


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