Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Modular XP Wheelchair Ramp wit a 5' x5' platform. 


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MODXP4 4' x 36" $557.00 Free Shipping*

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MODXP5 5' x 36" $739.00
MODXP6 6' x 36" $815.00
MODXP7 7' x 36" $899.00
MODXP8 8' x 36" $997.00
MODXP9 9' x 36" $1157.00
MODXP10 10' x 36" $1299.00
MODXP11  11' x 36"  $1359.00
MODXP12  12' x 36"  $1379.00
MODXP13 13' x 36"  $1577.00
MODXP14  14' x 36"  $1664.00
MODXP15  15' x 36"  $1715.00
MODXP16  16' x 36"  $1738.00
MODXP17  17' x 36"  $1947.00
MODXP18  18' x 36"  $2017.00
MODXP19  19' x 36"  $2067.00
MODXP20  20' x 36"  $2117.00
Not Limited To 20' Length,
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Platforms, Stairs and other Modular XP Options

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4'x4' Platform 4' x 4' $789.00 Free Shipping*

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5'x5' Platform 5' x 5' $1089.00
5'x8' Platform 5' x 8' $1439.00
45° Platform   $489.00
ADA End Rails   $78.00
1 Step Stair   $219.00
2 Step Stair   $409.00
3 Step Stair   $519.00
5 Step Stair   $699.00
Ramp Gate   $149.00
Landing Gate    $149.00
Ramp Leg Support (over 16") $59.00
Plat. Leg Support (over 16") $129.00


* Free shipping applies to the contiguous 48 states.
* Free shipping on platforms applies only if you are also purchasing modular ramp. Platforms purchased alone will incur a shipping charge.

** All ramps & platforms include handrails, adjustable legs and hardware.


WIDTH - 36” standard - custom widths are available
LENGTH - As Needed – 4’ minimum, 60' maximum
LOAD CAPACITY - 100 lbs. per square foot
SLOPE - Adjustable - as required (1:12 recommended)
FLOOR SURFACE - Slip Resistant grooved aluminum
HANDRAILS - Double 1.5” bar – standard height 36” – 38” or child safety guardrails.


The modular wheelchair ramp can be used in both commercial applications (1:12 slope) and residential applications (2:12 slope maximum) and conform to most local codes. Some areas in the US (CA & MA for example) are now calling for a minimum width of 48" when used in a commercial application. In residential use the modular wheelchair ramps do not require a building permit in most cases since they are not considered a permanent structure and are not being used for public access. However, please check with your local building dept. for laws governing your location.

For commercial applications
we are able to provide modular ramps that are 48" wide. We can also provide picket style railing (guardrails) as well as extended ADA looped end rails. The modular XP ramp system is ADA compliant when used at a 1:12 slope, picket style railing is used when the rise exceeds 30", extended ADA end rails are used and minimum width meets local ADA laws.

*Commercial Clients:
Please call us at 1-877-258-7423 if you need help determining ADA compliance or for custom quotes. Commercial entities can send a purchase order if invoicing is needed. We specialize in working with commercial clients in configuring your specific ADA ramp requirements. Quotes and discount pricing are available with volume orders.

As always, you can call us if you need help in determining what length or what type of wheelchair ramp you need. Call toll free at 1-877-258-7423 and we'll get you the right ramp for your commercial ADA compliance needs or for your residential ramp needs.

Below you'll find links for more information on the modular-XP wheelchair ramp system as well as the installation instructions and an installation video.


Download the Modular-XP Wheelchair Ramp Brochure.

Download the Modular-XP Installation Brochure.

Watch the Modular-XP Installation Video



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