Bariatric Ramps

Bariatric Multi-Fold Ramp
Bariatric Multifold Ramp
The Bariatric Multifold ramp comes in 4 lengths and are 36" wide with an 800 pound capacity. If you need a ramp with handrails please see the Modular Ramp page or the Ontrac Ramp page. Download the bariatric ramp brochure.
Bariatric Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps (800 pound capacity)
Item # Size Price Weight
BAR530 5' x 36" 497.00 50 Lbs
BAR630 6' x 36" 579.00 58 Lbs
BAR730 7' x 36" 659.00 67 Lbs
BAR830 8' x 36" 739.00 76 Lbs

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Bariatric Threshold Ramp
Bariatric Threshold Ramp
The bariatric threshold ramp rests on the threshold of the doorway and can be secured with a few screws if needed. The lightweight aluminum design comes in two sizes to help provide access over thresholds from 1-1/2" up to 4". The pre-drilled holes at the top of each ramp allow for quick and easy installation to the threshold. The aluminum Threshold Ramp by PVI is covered with an anti-slip, high traction surface to ensure safe passage. 800 pound rating, 36" wide.
Download the bariatric ramp brochure.


Bariatric threshold ramps have an 800 pound capacity
Item # Size Price Weight
BAR1636 16" x 36" $198.00 12 Lbs
BAR2436 24" x 36" $259.00 21 Lbs

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Adjustable Threshold Ramp
adjustable threshold ramp
The Elev8 bariatric adjustable threshold ramp is 36" wide and used for rises from 1" to 6" depending on the length chosen. The feet on the ramp are adjustable up and down to fit your particular situation. While this product is primarily used for doors that swing towards the ramp, they can also be used for sliding glass doors, doors that swing inward, and many other types of doorways. 800 pound rating.
Download the Elev8 ramp brochure.


ATH1236 is for a 1 to 2" rise.
ATH2436 is for a 2 to 3.5" rise.
ATH3636 is for a 3 to 5" rise.
ATH4836 is for a 4 to 6" rise.
Adjustable Threshold Ramps
Item # Size Price Weight
ATH1236 12" x 36" $139.00 8 Lbs
ATH2436 24" x 36" $189.00 14 Lbs
ATH3636 36" x 36" $279.00 21 Lbs
ATH4836 48" x 36" $339.00 28 Lbs

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Rubber Threshold Ramp
Rubber Threshold Ramp
The rubber threshold ramp can be field-fitted with simple cutting tools. There are No Weight Limitations. It accommodates all makes and models of wheelchairs or scooters. It also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind. Made completely from recycled rubber. Designed and tested for maximum slip resistance and there are no fasteners are required for installation. Simple installation in 15 to 25 minutes.
Download the rubber threshold ramp brochure.


RAEZ0010 for a 1/2" rise. 3-3/8" x 36-1/4" usable
RAEZ0110 for a 1" rise. 8-1/8" x 36-1/4" usable
RAEZ1110 for a 1-3/8" rise. 12-1/4" x 36-1/4" usable
RAEZ1510 for a 1-5/8" rise. 18-1/8" x 41" usable
RAEZ2100 for a 2" rise. 24" x 50" usable
Rubber Threshold Ramps
Item # Actual Size Price Weight
RAEZ0010 3-3/8" x 42" $126.00 7 Lbs
RAEZ0110 8-1/8" x 42" $129.00 9 Lbs
RAEZ1110 12-1/4" x 42" $149.00 17 Lbs
RAEZ1510 18-1/8" x 50" $239.00 36 Lbs
RAEZ2100 24" x 60" $359.00 62 Lbs

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Please call us if you are unsure of the length of ramp needed for your rise.



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1:12 Ratio
ADA recommended slope for public access & walking elderly.



2:12 Ratio
Maximum ramp slope recommended for residential use with assistant.



3:12 Ratio
Maximum ramp slope recommended for loading unoccupied wheelchairs.



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