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Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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SingleFold Ramp

Single Folding RampPVI (Prairie View Industries) Single Fold wheelchair ramps  are made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and are UL Listed to 600 pounds.  They are perfect for scooters and wheelchairs when traveling or at home. The single fold ramps are 30 inches wide and intended for private residential use. Available lengths are from 2' all the way to 8'. Custom ramp widths are available. If you need a longer ramp or one with handrails please see the multi-fold wheelchair ramps or the modular ramps with handrails. Ramps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping.

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OnTrac Ramp

Ontrac wheelchair RampThe OnTrac Ramp by PVI provides a simple solution for a solid ramp with handrails. It installs in minutes and is available in lengths from 4ft - 8ft. Powder coated handrails provide a smooth and clean appearance. The walking surface is made from aircraft quality aluminum which is grooved for traction and extra safety. This wheelchair ramp does not have adjustable legs, instead it rests on the step that you need to negotiate. The handrails provide the safety that elderly individuals need when walking on the wheelchair ramp.

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Multifold Ramp

Multi-Fold Wheelchair RampThe Multifold wheelchair ramps are strong and lightweight and come in lengths from 5' to 12' and are 30" wide. They fold into a quarter of their unfolded size which makes them perfect for storing in the trunk of your car. They are made from  lightweight aluminum with edge to edge high traction tape for a superior non-slip surface. Handles are included so you can carry them like a suitcase. The weight capacity of the Multifold ramp is 600 pounds. (500lbs on the 10' & 12' ramps)  Lifetime Limited Warranty and free shipping.

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Solid Ramps - 30" & 36" wide (ADA)

Solid wheelchair rampThe solid wheelchair ramp is ADA compliant when using the 36 inch width models on rises of 5 inches or less. The solid ramp is available in 3, 4, & 5 foot lengths in either 30" or 36" widths. The solid ramp is one piece and does not fold, so it is not recommended for as a ramp that you travel with in your car. The solid ramp can be attached at the top lip with screws or bolts for a more permanent installation. (Bolts and screws are not included with ramp) As with all our portable ramps, the solid ramp is covered in a high traction material for superior traction. Lifetime Limited Warranty and free shipping included.

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Six Styles of Threshold Ramps

Standard threshold rampThe threshold ramps come in six styles including rubber models, plastic models and of course, aluminum. They are designed for doorways and small rises of up to 4 inches. Follow the link below for photos and a full description of the types of threshold ramps available.  All necessary hardware needed to secure the ramp to the threshold is included with your purchase. Custom widths and lengths are also available, call for pricing. Lifetime Limited Warranty and free shipping.

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Bariatric Ramp

Bariatric ramp Bariatric heavy duty ramps come in two styles, a three panel style and a multifold style. The panel style ramps come in 3, 4, 5 and 6 foot lengths and are 48" wide. You can add panels to increase the width of this ramp, each panel increases the width by 17" and is sold separately. The multifold style wheelchair ramp is 36" wide and comes in 5, 6, 7 & 8 foot lengths. Both styles support 800 pounds. There is high traction tape from edge to edge for added safety. Lifetime Limited Warranty and free shipping.

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Rear Door Van Ramp

Rear door van rampThe rear door van ramp mounts to the floor of the van and is fully assembled and ready to install. It comes in 2 lengths, 7' by 27" and 8' by 27". These ramps are for loading and unloading unoccupied scooters and wheelchairs. Because the ramp is spring assisted, it can be operated by one individual. The minimum requirement for floor to ceiling opening is: 37" for the 7' ramp and 41"for the 8' ramp. Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping.

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Side Door Van Ramp

Side door van ramp



Multifold Reach Utility Ramp

Utility rampThe Reach ramp has all the features of our multifold wheelchair ramp and more. It features an extended hook that clears the bumper on your vehicle for rear door loading and unloading of your scooter or wheelchair. This is the only ramp that will clear the bumper of a van for loading and unloading your scooter or wheelchair.  The utility ramps come in 6, 7, 8, and 10 foot lengths and are 30 inches wide. The ramp is capable of holding a 600 pound load. It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping.

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Modular Wheelchair Ramp - ADA Compliant*

Modular wheelchair ramp - ADA compliant at 1:12This ramp system comes with handrails and adjustable legs for both home access and commercial access. This wheelchair ramp is 36 inches wide and has a load carrying capacity of 100 pounds per square foot. The ramp system can be assembled quickly and easily with common hand tools. The ramp components make it easy to move the ramp to a new location or change the configuration. Straight ramps, 90 degree turns, and 180 degree switchbacks are designed to meet ADA recommendations. The handrails also provide the extra security that our Seniors need when walking up or down a wheelchair ramp. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Commercial & Residential Applications.
* If using a 1:12 slope & extended end rails.

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