Automatic Handicap Door Openers


ADA-EZ Commercial door opener / Electric

ADA EZ door openerHeavy Duty Commercial Opener:
(office building & retail main entry doors as well as all other doors) This is an electro-mechanical system. Battery & electrically powered.

The ADA-EZ can be hard wired for continuous power or used with only the onboard regenerative drive system which charges a battery pack eliminating the need for electrical power.

More information, specifications and
available options for the ADA-EZ door opener.

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Gentleman Door Pneumatic Commercial Opener:

Light/Medium Duty Commercial:
(Office building restroom doors, interior office doors) This is a pneumatic system. (air powered)

Gentleman door opener



Buy the Opener Only - $1100.00

Buy the Door Opener Package - $1990.00


Pneumatic Residential Door Opener:

Residential door opener

The Gentleman door residential door opener is a pneumatic operator designed for residential applications. Please follow the link below for more information.

More Information on the Residential Door Openers

Buy the Opener Only - $949.00

Buy the Door Opener Package - $1590.00


Silent Compressor for Gentleman Door Openers

Silent Compressor

Silent air source for the Gentleman door commercial or residential openers. Follow the link below for more detailed information.

More Information for the Silent Compressor

Buy the Silent Compressor - $689.00



Instructions for Openers and Compressor

ADA EZ Commercial Opener Instructions

Pneumatic Commercial Opener Instructions

Pneumatic Residential Opener Instructions

Silent Compressor Instructions




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