The "Gentleman Door"  Medium Duty Commercial Pneumatic Door Opener:

Gentleman door opener

gentleman door interior view


    The Gentleman door opener provides medium to light duty swing door automation in public buildings such as restroom doors and office doors. Multiple doors can be operated with a single air source, making this door opener more cost effective when automating several doors within a single building.

    The system opens the door with air pressure and a built-in closer brings the door closed. The door opener is activated through low voltage controls (Sold Separately.) It works on any size of wood, metal or metal framed glass door up to 240 pounds. The door opener needs only 100psi of air pressure to operate. Air pressure is provided by either an existing air source or by one of our Silent Compressors. A door package containing everything you need to automate 1 swing door is available by following the link below.


Key Features:

  • Easily retrofitted
  • Does not interfere with the existing door hardware
  • Easily installed and adjusted
  • No increased resistance when using the door manually
  • Low profile - small compact header above the door, silent operation
  • Extremely reliable – 1 year warranty on parts
  • Activated by remote control or low voltage controls
  • Interfaces with the existing security systems such as magnetic locks and intercom systems
  • Little to no maintenance

Optional Features:

  • Touch-less wall switches for activation by people with severe disabilities
  • Radio Frequency wall buttons for wireless activation
  • Vestibule entry systems – sequenced door activation
  • Silent compressor


  • Door Width - 30" to 60" wide doors
  • Door Weight - Up to 240-pound doors
  • Drive System - Pneumatics
  • Controller - 12/24VDC or 12/24VAC solenoid
  • Power required - 12/24VDC or 12/24VAC
  • Air Supply - 90-110PSI
  • Door Controls - Low voltage switches or radio controlled
  • Opening - Up to 95 degrees


Complete Door Package:
  Includes pneumatic door opener, silent compressor, wireless activation switches and hardware.
$1990.00 - Free Shipping in the lower 48 States.
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Door Opener Only:
- Free Shipping in the lower 48 States.
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Silent Air Compressor - ($689.00 - More Info.)
Activation Switches - (Price Varies - More Info.)
Wireless Activation Packages - (Price Varies - More Info.)


Download the instructions for important wiring diagram

    Gentleman Door Opener Instruction Sheet (html)


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