ADA-EZ Commercial Handicap Door Opener
from Disability Systems, Inc.


 ADAEZ Pro Complete:

ADA EZ commercial door openerADAEZ door openerpush buttons

Complete ADA Accessibility in One Box.


The ADA-EZ is a wire free door opener which allows for easy access into your facility for people with disabilities. It is a heavy duty, low energy door opener intended for commercial use. A regenerative drive system charges a battery pack eliminating the need for electrical power. (The kit also comes with a plug-in continuous power option) The unit is small in size but is very robust and is simple to install and use.  ADA EZ has been designed for doors up to 48” in width and 250lbs in weight. Included are two jamb style wireless push button transmitters, plug-in hard wire option, push or pull mounting hardware and an aluminum dress cover option making the ADA EZ door operator a complete ADA door opener solution.  Larger activation switches are available.

  • Regenerative Drive OR Continuous Duty Operation
  • Automatic Handing Selector - Non Handed
  • Push-and-Go (only with1015P Kit connected)
  • Power Close (only with1015P Kit connected)
  • PUSH Hardware AND PULL Hardware STANDARD
  • RF Radio Frequency Stainless Steel Pushbuttons
  • Integral RF Receiver
  • Dynamic Braking Module
  • Electronic Back Check Brake
  • Shock Absorbing Door Arm
  • Black AND Aluminum Dress Covers - STANDARD
  • Brushless DC Motor/Gearbox - 10M Activation Cycle Life
  • 24 VDC Input Port
  • Auxiliary Activation Input Port
  • Power On Indicator
  • Integral ON / OFF Selector Switch
  • Mounting Hardware For Virtually any Door and Frame
  • ANSI Automatic Door Signs
  • Easy to Use Mounting Template - Installation Instructions - Telephone Technical Support


Right Hand or Left Hand, PUSH or PULL, Black or Aluminum, Battery Powered or 24VDC Low Voltage Hardwired –
All In One Box!

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Electronic Lock Interface - If you are going to be disengaging a strike with the ADAEZ door opener you will need this option to operate your strike release. Part #1025 - $149.00
Electronic Strike Release - Standard strike release - $239.00
Square Activation Buttons - This option is for 2 square push buttons and 2 surface mounting boxes - $179.00

This is what comes in the box!

ADA EZ door openerCharging kit
Narrow style wireless push buttonsAlternate aluminum cover
Push mount hardwarePull mount hardware

ADAEZ PRO Features:

Automatic Handing Selector - handing is automatically configured during Auto Tune process.
Non-Handed Push-and-Go - door movement activates door open cycle or recycles door.
Power Close - motor closes door held open by wind, stack pressure, or latch bolt.
Dynamic Braking - prevents door from opening faster than the programmed open speed, Selectable On / Off.
Electronic Back Check Brake - last 5 degrees of door opening are cushioned by back check (always on)
Micro Touch Open Force Control – applies a smooth, even, continuous open force (always on). Open force is fully adjustable using the custom programming settings.

Power Pack Design Includes:
Power Port - battery charger connection without bottom cover removal
24 VDC Input Port – power connection for continuous duty operation. (LED = polarity correct)
Auxiliary Activation Input Port – optional hardwired activation switch / relay input.
Battery Charge Indicator - four level indicator measures remaining battery charge.
Integral ON / OFF Selector Switch - allows unit to be turned off by rocker switch.
Battery Back UP – Hardwired units allow for 2000 door activations after a building power failure.



Detailed Information Including Installation Instructions.

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Instalation Videos For the ADA EZ Door Opener

Full Installation Instructions

Technical Specifications

Warranty Information

Quick Install Instructions Push Mount

Quick Install Instructions Pull Mount

Codes and Listings

Hard wire Installation Instructions

How it Works without External Electrical power

ADA EZ connected to an Access Control Panel with
Hardwired Inside Switch

ADA EZ connected to an access control panel

ADA EZ connected to an electric strike for positive latching

ADA EZ connected to an Electric Strike for Positive Latching with Multi Purpose Timer

ADA EZ working with other RX/TX devices

ADA EZ Connected to a Fire Panel System


Please call toll free 1-877-258-7423 with your questions.